How To Install Your Ladder Safety Gate

Ladder Safety Gate Install 1The PS Safety Access™ Ladder Safety Gate protects ladder openings, stairwells, elevated platforms, mezzanine ledges or anywhere there is an opening in your safety railing system.

To ensure your Ladder Safety Gate is installed correctly, follow these simple installation steps.

Example : A Ladder Safety Gate must be installed on this elevated platform used for water storage tank access. We will walk through installing an LSG-18 Hot Dip Galvanized gate being mounted to an existing standard railing system (less than 2” round outside diameter). View all Ladder Safety Gate sizes and finishes HERE.

Ladder Safety Gate Install 2Needed Tools:

  • Tape measure
  • ½” wrench or drill with ½” socket
  • PS Safety Access Ladder Safety Gate (all hardware included)

Step 1: Measure your opening (in inches)

Measure your opening (inside of railing to inside of railing) using a tape measure.

Measuring for Ladder Safety Gate

This opening measures 18-1/2” and requires an LSG-18 Ladder Safety Gate (which fits openings from 16-3/4” to 20-1/2″). All PS Safety Access Ladder Safety Gates are adjustable (up to 3-3/4”). View all sizes HERE.

Step 2: Loosely attach Ladder Safety Gate hinges to standard piping using the included hardware.

Included hardware for all Ladder Safety Gates (Models LSG-15 to LSG-36):

  • (2) U-bolts
  • (4) washers
  • (4) nuts
  • (4) black end caps

Ladder Safety Gate Install 3

Place U-bolt through ladder safety gate hinge and attach washer and nut. Hand tighten.

Ladder Safety Gate Install 4

Repeat for second hinge.

Step 3: Ensure the top of your Ladder Safety Gate is even and level with the top of your existing railing system.

Ladder Safety Gate Install 5

Step 4: Using a drill or wrench, tighten mounting hardware and ensure Gate is securely attached to railing.

Ladder Safety Gate Install 6

Step 5: Place black end caps on Ubolt ends.

Ladder Safety Gate Install 7

Step 6: Adjust gate size horizontally to fit opening (if needed).

Ladder Safety Gate Install 8

Loosen gate carriage bolts and adjust gate to fit your opening (horizontally). When complete, tighten carriage bolts securely.

Installation Complete!

Ladder Safety Gate Install 9