EdgeSafe® Pedestrian Awareness System



  • Increase safety by controlling pedestrian traffic – When a pedestrian enters the area where a forklift is working, strategically positioned LED lights catch the operator’s peripheral vision, alerting them to slow down or stop.
  • Hard to ignore, easy to live with – By alerting everyone involved when an accident is possible, productivity suffers less from uncertainty and downtime.
  • Customizable, modular design makes it easy to employ – The EdgeSafe Pedestrian Awareness System is made to adapt to your plant’s unique environment (instead of the other way around).
  • As simple or complex as you need it to be – The EdgeSafe Pedestrian Awareness System can be as simple as an individual post with a warning light beam or as complex as an archway with remote light sensors.
  • Compatible with PS Safety Access™ products – This important safety device can be easily integrated with the EdgeSafe Railing System, EdgeSafe Personnel Access Gates and EdgeHalt® Ladder Safety Gates.

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