EdgeSafe® Safety Railing

ESR-STARTER-PCY (Starter Pack) / ESR-ADDON-PCY (Add-on Pack) / ESR-R-PCY (Rail) / ESR-TB-PCY (Toeboard)


  • Customizable: Order any combination of horizontal rails, vertical posts, railing brackets or toeboards and easily adjust to any angle; construct the exact railing at the exact length you need (simply trim the horizontal rails, between 18″ and 96″, including post dimensions). Notes on sizing:
    • Maximum width between posts: 89″
    • Height to the top of the top rail: 43-5/16″
    • Height to the center of the mid rail: 21-7/8″
  • Conforms To Any Angle: The omnidirectional bracket means you’re not restricted by 90-degree angles
  • Universal Post: Use all/any four sides of the post; one post does it all, no need for different corners, end posts, etc.
  • Use Any 1-1/2″ Schedule 10 (or Schedule 40) Steel Pipe As A Horizontal Railing: Purchase locally, use what you have on hand, or include the pipe when placing your order
  • Meets OSHA Standards: OSHA 1910.29, ANSI A1264.1-2017, and Canadian COHS SOR-86-304 Sections 2.12 and 2.13
  • Can Be Used With A Single Top Rail: Great for non-fall-protection applications like shipping lanes, aisle violators, etc.
  • Easy To Assemble: Simple to install in virtually any application
  • Easy To Order: Call with dimensions or email us a simple sketch, and we will send you a proposal

  • Save On Shipping: This system is sold in components, which helps to minimize shipping costs
  • Finish – Comes with Powder Coat Yellow (PCY) finish

*Floor mounting hardware not included

Frequently Asked Questions

While they aren’t mandatory with every guard rail system, some working/walking areas (like mezzanines or elevated platforms) may require them.

To prevent objects from being kicked off an edge and injuring personnel below.

  • Customizable layout: Railing system can be customized as top rail only, top and mid rail only, or top rail, mid rail, and toeboards.
  • Flexible installation: Unique multi-angle design can be installed to fit almost any application.
  • Length of the railing: Standard 96” horizontal rails can be cut and customized to fit your unique requirements.
  • Cost saving options: 96” long Schedule 10 (or Schedule 40) horizontal railing can be purchased through PS Safety Access or you can provide the railing yourself.

If it’s only used to control traffic and not on an elevated platform, you may only need a top rail or a top and mid rail. Check current requirements to be certain.

If it is being used on an elevated platform, you should include the top rail, mid rail, and toeboard.