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Cummings Ag Inc.: Cummings, North Dakota

 In the summer of 2017, Cummings Ag, a North Dakota bean and seed processor, realized that the frequently used ladder system in its facility needed an upgrade to keep up with industry standards. With future OSHA inspections on the horizon and the safety of employees in mind, leadership at Cummings Ag decided to make the needed improvements. 

After some research, Cummings Ag decided to put its trust in PS Safety Access™ to resolve its ladder safety issues. The company was already happy with several PS Access Solutions™ doors in the facility, so it made sense to stay in the PS Industries® family. 

Within Cummings Ag’s 20,000-square-foot facility, employees regularly used several permanent in-place ladders and a fairly extensive catwalk system. As a result, Cummings Ag wanted a solution that would maintain the functionality of the ladders while also improving safety for users and meeting all necessary OSHA safety requirements. 

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Bell Sports Case Study 4

Bell Sports

Manufacturer of sports and motorsports helmets in Rantoul, IL. PS DOORS provided Pallet Rack Safety Gates for 225 openings in their distribution center.

Mid-City Steel Inc. – La Crosse, WI

Ladder Safety Gate

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Cargill, Inc. 

Powder coat Yellow Ladder Safety Gate at Cargill, Inc in Guckeen, MN. The safety gate protects a walkway around a grain bunker.

Horizontal Sliding Mezzanine Gates – Chicago, IL