New! Slam-Proof Loading Dock Safety Gate

The Loading Dock Safety Gate from PS DOORS keeps your team safe while keeping your dock running efficiently.  When closed, it’s simple, counterbalanced design significantly reduces the danger of falls from docks, bays or exposed edges.

Part of PS DOORS’ Safety Access™ line of products, the Loading Dock Safety Gate is easily lifted by truck drivers or dock workers during deliveries. Built from heavy duty materials, this gate is expertly counterbalanced to enable easy, one hand operation. This gate operates smoothly, utilizing a slam-proof dampening system with no pinch points to protect users and products alike.

“The uniquely placed dampening system is mounted high up, safe from potential pallet and forklift damage,” says Dean Thorsen, PS Safety Access national sales manager. “Our gate stands apart as it lifts vertically a full 90 degrees to provide plenty of clearance for loading and unloading.”

The Loading Dock Safety Gate is engineered and tested to comply with OSHA standard 19.10.23  that states:  “Any exposed edge more than 4’ tall must be protected.” Built from heavy-gauge steel with a durable powder coat yellow finish, PS DOORS has built a gate that welcomes repetitive use and easily stands up to the punishment of a busy dock.

Once the Loading Dock Safety Gate is installed in your building, you are able to improve building ventilation by leaving loading dock doors open without the safety concerns that result from an unprotected edge. This product is unique to the material handling industry because it is adjustable.  “We can ship out a Loading Dock Safety Gate via UPS or FedEx and our customers can adjust it in the field to fit a standard 8’ or 10’ loading dock,” Thorsen said. “It’s also versatile, easily relocated within a facility.”

A busy loading dock is a good sign for any business, and a safe dock is an important way to keep your business healthy. Install the Loading Dock Safety Gate from the PS Safety Access Professionals at PS DOORS, the safest way to keep things moving on your loading dock.

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